R. Sarath is an Indian film director and screenplay writer working primarily in the Malayalam film industry. Very early in his career his name featured among Indian film makers revered internationally.

Sarath’s rendezvous with films started with Sayahnam (Twilight) in 2000.The film marked his debut as a director and script writer and he won accolades for both at the Kerala State Film Awards. Sayahnam won a staggering seven awards at the Sate Film Awards and also the Indira Gandhi National Award for debut director. The film was featured at the Munich International Film Festival, 2001 in the competition section and was invited to many popular international film festivals.

In his next feature film Sthithi (Plight) Sarath told the gripping tale of a middle-class couple who face the onslaughts of fortune. The film premiered at the Bangkok International Film Festival in 2003 and received rave reviews at various international film festivals where it was screened. His third feature film Seelabathi (2006) a harrowing drama set in rural Kerala exposed grave social evils. The story unfurled through the experiences of two youth who come from outside the village. The film received both box-office success and positive remarks from critics and featured at the Asia Pacific film festival in Taiwan.

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